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Patient Testimonials

"Dr. O'Brien has acted as my primary care physician for the last 12 years. He has treated me for carpal tunnel and I've avoided surgery; he has worked with my gynecologist to make it through menopause with natural supplements rather than medications; has done physical therapy for me after foot surgery. I also have seen him for weight loss and was able to shed over 10% of my body weight on a simple diet that didn't involve a lot of complicated cooking for someone who doesn't like to cook and has a busy schedule. Of course, he was able to work on my back and neck after I was in an auto accident 1 1/2 years ago and provide excellent adjustments and therapy to help me recuperate. If you are looking for a physician who can treat you as a whole person and is collaborative with other physicians with other medical specialties, Dr. O'Brien is s stellar choice."

V.W., Hanover Park, Illinois

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